Blood of the Enemy

Book III in the Chronicles of Avilésor: War of the Realms series


Cato is home. Phantom has returned, but can he be the hero he once was? Cato is more powerful, dangerous, and deadly than he was the last time he wore Phantom’s mask, and he’s still learning how to control his powers, which have grown during his captivity. His rage almost destroyed Phantom Heights.

His blood-family is determined to make him remember what it’s like to be human. And yet, the more they try to remind him of his old life, the less human he feels. His hardships forged him into something new, something the loved ones of his past can’t recognize. Not Phantom. Not Cato.


His two families are pulling him apart. He’s torn by lab and by blood . . .

. . . and the shadows are closing in around them all.



"This is a beautifully written tale with tragic characters haunted by the past while trying to ensure the future and deal with people who don't always understand the inner turmoil they're going through. A wonderful continuation of this teen and young adult saga Chronicles of Avilésor: War of the Realms.”