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    Don’t forget to say why! 🙂


    I would probably have to go with Axel. He is this unknowable, unstoppable force through the first part of the book. The fact that he cares for his lab family so much that he fights his instinct to kill (sounds like to the point of physical illness) so they could be safe and united really was endearing. As the story went on, he gets a little less likable as his personality sort of turns from a brutal guardian to a broody anger machine. Not that I think his anger is an overreaction, but he seems a little more of a bully to the other Alphas later in the book. That said, I loved how protective of the lab family he is throughout and refuses to allow the family to break up. Also, it seems like Kovak hates him the most which means he must be good people.

    I really hope RC, Ash, and even Jay get more story later on. So far I feel like we know the least about them. Plus RC is already so rad, I hope we get to know him better in coming books.

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    Sara A. Noë

    Readers seem to either love or hate Axel, but he’s one of my favorites, too! I really enjoy the psychology behind both Axel and the twins. They’re fun characters to explore.


    Kit!!! I mean, what’s not to love about her? She’s so sweet and innocent and adorable (unless she’s eating a squirrel lol). I also like Cato a lot just because I feel like I connect with him.

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